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The Hermitage

The Hermitage at Sri Devpuriji Ashram in Zdarec u Skutce

There are two possibilities of stay in the hermitage:
1.with complete darkening - therapy of darkness
2.without darkening

Possible lengths of stay:
weekend-two days (from friday 6 PM till sunday 6 PM)
5 days (from sunday 6 PM till friday 6 PM)
Longer stays are possible, though shorter stay is advisable at the beginning.

Exact details of the diet are to be arranged individually.
Generally there is nut muesli and seasonal fruits available all the time.
Around midday, a servis person brings 2 vegetarian meals for the rest of the day. According to the wish of the client, the evening meal can be cold or it can be kept warm in a thermos. There is always hot water or herbal tea in a thermos bottle available.

Situation of the hermitage:
In the ashram orchard near the bank of the Zejbro brook.

The facillities:
The hermitage is build out of natural materials – wooden construction, strawbale walls on stone basement with clay plaster coating, grass covered roof.
One little room at the entrance (2,5m x 2m): washbasin with through-flow heater, latrine with a small ventilator.
The second little room (2,5m x 1,4m)with wooden floor is equipped with a mattress, little electric oil heater and a glow lamp used befor change to light regime.
Bed-clothes and towels included.
Take only the most necessary things with you.

Send your applications to janhlavaczech@gmail.com
give your name, contact details (address, e-mail, phone nr.), desired length of stay, if with complete darkening or without and choose a free date in the reservation table.
After recieving a 50% advance payment, the choosen date will be marked with a tag with your name in the reservation table.

CZK 500 (EUR 20) / 1day
12% of the price is donated for humanitarian projects in Indian ashrams.

Jan Hlavacek
Sri Devpuriji Ashram
Zdarec u Skutce 1
CZ-53973 Skutec

E-mail: janhlavacek@seznam.cz janhlavaczech@gmail.com
Mobile phone: +420 725 696 132

Transfer the advance payment to the bank account Nr. 163229379/0300
or send it via postal money-order to the above address.

Allow the things to flow naturally ...

I would like to share with you experience from dark room. I went there for second time in my life, the first one was 2 years ago for one week and big and beautiful changes started to happen since then. But its different story This time I spent there the end of the year from 31/12 to 2/1. I didnt have any specific intension, december was very intense moth for me and i just felt i needed to be alone for few days. The second day i started to feel tension in the left side of my face, so I was watching it and it leaded to my heart where i could feel big pain, i went inside and after some time i found there a little girl crying. Yes it was me and I burst to cry too. Then I asked her why is she crying and she told be because she was hurt and not loved and also that she is worried to become a mature woman and the feminine power. I asked her to forgive me to not to hear her crying for a long time and assured that i love her and that love is a remedy for that pain. And also that she neednt worry about becoming a woman, that it is a amazing gift that we embrace together and enjoy fully. And that it doesnt mean she will loose her innocence and playfulness. And we stayed there hugging for a long time until we dissolve in each other. All the time I felt stream of energy coming from my womb into my heart. Then i felt asleep and the old dreams that i forgot about started to come up. All connected to my female ancestros and woman with animal masks. It was like a highlight of the work that was done during the summer. The pain in my heart dissapeared as well as pain in my left shoulder blade. And I want to thank you, Orly, for opening the door to sacred femininty for us. I deeply honour your work and feel so blessed to have such an amazing inspirative woman in my life. And also big thank to my sisters that became part of this process for your support, love and friendship. I wish for all of us to be in deep touch with sacredness of life. Love you all.

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